Course curriculum

    1. Service GL Master

    2. Service Center

    3. Warranties

    4. Warranties by Unit Number

    5. Service User Defaults

    6. Labor Price Book

    7. Employee Master Data

    8. Task Codes

    9. Job Codes

    10. Job Code by Job Group

    1. Process - Service Call (Optional)

    2. Process - Service Quotation (Optional)

    1. Header & Footer

    2. Get the Job Code and Job Code Master Ready for this Service Order

    3. What the Service Order Columns Mean

    4. Add a Job Segment

    5. Add a Non-Chargeable Job Segment

    6. Add a Warranty Job Segment

    7. Combine Multiple Job Segments into a Single Invoice

    8. Release a Service Order to the Mechanics to Begin Work

    9. Invoicing

    10. Remarks

    1. Review Unit Information Pertaining to a Job Segment

    2. Modifying the Service Order Segment Parts Tab to Apply Discounts and Taxes and Other Settings

    3. Modifying the Service Order Segment Labor Tab to Assign Technicians to this Job and Other Settings

    4. Modifying the Service Order Segment Other Tab to Modify Delivery Charges and Other Settings

    5. Modifying the Service Order Segment Subcontract Tab to Assign Subcontractors

    6. Quick Recap of What Each Tab Means in the Service Order Segment

    7. Reviewing and Saving a Service Order Segment

    8. Deeper Dive into Non-Chargeable and Warranty Service Order Segment

    1. Course Assessment

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